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Can you sell your house for more than it appraised for?

My husband just got a job in a different town (3 hours away from home), we are thinking of selling our house and moving. We just refinanced our house and we owe just a tiny bit under what it appraised for...can we sell it for more?

sure. the only problem, especially now days with the depressed real estate market and the tightening of credit, the buyer won't be able to get a loan for more than the appraisal valve. best of luck.

an appraisal is just some guy sticking his thumb in the wind and taking a guess get 3 appraisals and you will get 3 different prices

Know that there are different appraisals. There are tax appraisals and bank appraisals. Tax appraisals usually are not accurate and do not reflect the current market value. If you are referring to the current bank appraisal, you can sell it above that price to a person paying cash. Or, say the house appraised for 150, 000, and you want to sell it for 160, 000. Someone can buy it for 160, 000 if they are willing to come up with 10, 000 extra and only get a loan for the 150, 000. A bank is not willing to loan more money than what a property is worth. Sometimes when you are doing a bank appraisal for a property refinance though, the appraiser will just put it at what the bank wants to see it at so the appraisal could be a bit off. The best advice would be to seek a local realtor and discuss with them the market value of the house. Many realtors will do a Comparative Market Analysis for free. I am a Realtor and my company has contacts with agents worldwide. If you would like to be referred to someone that can help you determine your home's current value, let me know! To re-cap there are three different valuations that should not be confused:Bank appraisal, market value and tax appraisal. So it all depends!

You can sell it for whatever amount of money you can convince someone else to pay for it.Clean it up so that it shines and pray that it sells.Of course most buyers will not offer more than its appraised value.Pastor Art

Sure you can sell it for as much as you want. But good luck in this market, finding someone to pay top dollar for a home. IN addition, the buyer may have trouble finding financing, if they are not using a large down payment, and want 100% financing. Good luck. The market stinks right now. You may be better off renting it for a couple of years until the market cleans up.

Yep. Good luck.

Legally you can sell the property for more than the appraisal, the big problem is finding someone who is willing to pay more than the appraised value for the house.The person who said that there is a law against that is either misinformed or he is joking.Personally I will not pay more than the appraised value.I have found lender's appraisers to be very poorly trained and lacking in experience. I recommend that you hire your own appraiser. Tell the appraiser that you are thinking of selling your home and want an accurate determination of what the true fair market value is so that you do not overprice your home or underprice your home.The appraiser that I hire is a Member of The Appraisal Institute. The Appraisal Institute is a nationwide organization that has very high standards for training and experience for appraisers to be Members of The Appraisal Institute or MAI as the designation is known.For a very small investment usually less than $500 you will get an appraisal that will be true fair market value and that will be a rock solid appraised value that you can rely on.I notice that you are an army wife. With any luck the appraiser will give you a discount because of his respect and thanks for your service and your husbands service.

You can sell your house for any amount you choose, regardless of the appraisal---as long as you can find a willing buyer...

There is nothing to stop you selling your house at any price. Its a case of finding a willing buyer

There's law that says you can't.